Epirbs & PLB's

Stay safe on your adventures with high-quality EPIRB and PLB devices. Our reliable and compact emergency beacons are built to withstand the toughest situations, ensuring that help is just a click away. Don't compromise on your safety

Sea Renity Marines Range of Gme EPIRBs and PLBs—your ultimate lifeline on the open seas. Whether you're an adventurer, sailor, or fisherman, our top-of-the-line emergency devices are designed to keep you safe and sound when it matters most.

With our EPIRB 406MHz Manual Activation, you have the power to alert rescue services at the push of a button, while the EPIRB 406MHz Manual Activation with GPS ensures precise location tracking for faster response times. For unparalleled peace of mind, our EPIRB 406 MHz Float-Free Activation with GPS automatically activates upon immersion in water.

But that's not all; we also offer the Emergency Personal Locator Beacon with GPS Locator for those who need a compact and portable safety companion. No matter where you find yourself in an emergency situation, our devices will help guide rescuers directly to your location.

Don't gamble with your life on open waters. Choose Sea Renity Marines' range of EPIRBs and PLBs for unrivaled reliability and exceptional performance. Stay safe and explore with confidence.