It is recommended to use the 2.3m Island Inflatable Boat with AIR-Deck Floor as a small tender for your cruiser or yacht up to 25 feet. The Island 2.3m is also the ideal size boat for vacations because of how easy it is to store in the trunk of a vehicle or travel trailer because to its small size and low weight.

The latest "High Frequencyy Thermo Welding" (HFTW) techniques are used on all seams of Island Inflatable boats that are designed in Australia to ensure their longevity against the country's harsh weather. Due to HFTW, you'll never have an Island Inflatable seam break apart from heat or hot days.

The #1 selling privately owned brand in Australia is Island Inflatables, but it's not just because of our manufacturing methods. Our distinctive qualities and careful attention to detail. First off, "Island Inflatables" designed each and every one of our boats. Most of the brands you see online and in stores are actually boats that were bought at trade shows and then given brand names. 

Let's begin with our resources. Before advancing to the commercial standards utilised in the armed forces, etc., Island Inflatables uses the hardest grade of PVC material attainable. Our grade has a 0.9mm thickness and 1100 D-teck Denier. 

We use larger tubes in every size. A finer boat to ride in results from this. Sitting on the side of an inflatable with wider tubes is more comfortable. It also makes the travel considerably dryer.

Island Inflatable transoms are made of marine plywood that has been coated in epoxy and has rubber sealing on top. A mounting plate with external and internal outboard mounting. Additionally, the boat has a 1-way bung that you can remove and drive to drain any extra water under the floor.

The tow rings that are found at the front of an inflatable boat are a reliable indicator of its quality. The tow ring on Island Inflatable boats is substantial and robust. mounted on a patch that is both substantial and strengthened. A smaller ring and patch without any reinforcement will always be used on boats of lower quality.

Island Inflatable Boats provide wear and tear careful consideration. We utilise non-marking wear and rubbing strips beneath the keel and along the sides. This safeguards not only the inflatable boat but also any larger cruiser or yacht that you might be using the Island Inflatable as a tender for. Additionally, the larger boat won't acquire unattractive rub marks.

A standard over-inflation valve is included with every Island Inflatable. equipped to aid on hotter days and with higher air pressure.

Each large tube has a second layer of PVC material applied to the underside. When hauling or launching your inflatable off a beach, this is helpful. It adds an additional layer of defence against any buried rocks, shells, etc.

The grab/safety rope was offset to the side of the tube by Island Inflatables rather than the top. This prevents you from sitting on an uncomfortable rope while riding the tubes.

The Island inflatable boats' distinctive and highly practical Internal Rear Carry Handles are what really stand out. This was the first design element we thought of. Since the handles are on the outside of the back tubes, it takes two people to carry the boat. Additionally, the handles are made of a material that is considerably harder and is easily scratchable for your cruiser or yacht. Therefore, moving the handles from the outside to the inside of the rear tubes made total sense.

The appearance/aesthetics of our Island Inflatable boats comes last. The colour schemes have once again been carefully considered. Models between 2 and 2.9 metres are typically white and black. This is so that they may serve as tenders for larger cruisers and yachts. When floating off the back of your boat, we want our Island Inflatables to complement your pride and pleasure by blending in rather than standing out. The types from 3.3m to 4.3m are best suited as dayboats. We pick a light grey shade since it makes it simpler to conceal stains and isn't too dark to absorb the heat of the sun and make it uncomfortable for you to sit on.


Total length: 7.6 feet (2.3 metres).
Internal length: 142 cm
Total width: 138 cm
65 cm inside width
37 cm tube diameter
3 chambers plus a floor and a keel
Three people are allowed.   
Weight limit: 300 kg
Maximum motor power: 3.6 kw/ 5 hp
Boat weight (floor, oars, seat, and boat): 29 kilogramme
Options for flooring: Air-Deck Tube AIR Pressures at the Inflation Squence:

Inflatable Floor: 10 PSI Outside Tubes: 3.6 PSI
Keel Inflatable: 3.6 PSI

Materials: Strong 1100 D-Teck denier PVC covered with polyester. 1100 g/m2 in weight Dimensions 0.9 mm
AIR-Deck High-Pressure floor that is firm and comfortable to stand on.
Expandable keel
PVC tubes have two layers of material on the underside.
1 Seat
internal rear carrying handles on two
Front Combination transport handle mooring rope on the bow ring
Two extra-strong heavy-duty stainless steel tow rings
Non-marking rubbing strakes all around.
Off-set Security/Grab Ropes
Marine grade transom with rubber capping, 24mm thick, and inside/outside motor plates
Drain plug with self-bailing one way bung
Over-inflation safety valve
2 internal bulkheads that are sealed to balance tube pressures

Hand Pump with Dual Actions.
Oar Set, 1 Seat Repair Kit, Carry Bag

Brand Island Inflatables

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