Marine Boat Carpet



Sea Renity Marine have an amazing range of marine boat carpet to choose from to suit any vessel. We specialize in all aspects of marine carpet. Its really amazing the difference new marine carpet can transform your vessel. Whether its floor, cabin lining, stairs or even purely carpet overlocking, we can do it. We pattern the floor of any make and model boat to get an exact shape of the floor. We can either glue it directly to the floor, or we can press stud it in place for easy removal for cleaning.

Sea Renity Marine understands the demanding environment that marine carpet is exposed to. That is why we use the most appropriate marine carpet for each specific job. Sea Renity Marine also stock and source only the best available boat carpet that can withstand Perth’s harsh climate. Our expert trimmers are experienced in all aspects of the marine trimming industry. They can design and manufacture exactly what you are looking for, which is key to a great out come. If the carpet in your boat is looking a little worse for wear, we can replace it with a whole new modern look.

We will treat your boat like it’s our own when working on the vessel with all care taken by our professional team of marine trimmers.

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