P26 Petrol Foaming Intake Cleaner is a professional workshop grade fuel intake and combustion chamber cleaner that effectively removes gum, sediment, varnish, sludge and carbon without dismantling the engine.


P26 Petrol Foaming Intake Cleaner is designed for use in all fuel injected and carburettor petrol engines in passenger cars, 4WDs, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, industrial machines and stationary engines.

P26 Petrol Foaming Intake Cleaner is recommended for use every 15,000 Kilometres or at each service interval for maintenance of the fuel delivery and intake system.

  • Shake can well before use
  • Warm up engine to normal operating / driving temperature before use
  • Make sure vehicle is in a well ventilated area prior to treatment
  • Turn off ignition and remove a convenient vacuum hose from the intake manifold or throttle body
  • Spray for approximately 15 seconds into the throttle body/inlet manifold using the attached nozzle whilst holding the can upwards and vertical.
  • Allow 5 minutes standing before completing the next procedure
  • Turn on the ignition and start the engine and idle at a speed that does not stall the engine.
  • Spray the rest of the can into the throttle body/carburettor/inlet manifold whilst the engine is running
  • When can is empty, turn off the ignition and let stand for a further 5 minutes.
  • Re-attach vacuum hose to the throttle body/intake manifold
  • Re-start the engine and run for 2 minutes before test driving.

Please Note

  • For use with cable operated throttle systems. For electronic throttle systems, check with manufacturer for suitability.
  • Not to be used on diesel engines
  • We recommend using prior to changing engine oil
Barcode # 9.32E+12

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