MARINE TUFT - Marine Carpet


Marine Tuft is an all weather, indoor and outdoor marine carpet. The carpet is designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions from sunlight, salt water, chlorine, with attributes to withstand hot and cold climates all over the world. It has been tried and tested to the highest marine standard.

For a tough, durable product, Marine Tuft carpets are remarkably soft and comfortable, making them suitable for any exterior or internal use on any recreational vehicle or vessel. Available in a 4 meter width, which makes it the ideal choice for main decks on flybridges and cabin cruisers.

Marine Tuft carpet uses the highest grade UV inhibitors and premium colour stabilizing. It has high water resistance and patented technology allows for water to simply flow away with gravity. The Marine Tuft manufacture ensures soft underfoot comfort, without the synthetic plastic feel you find with most other outdoor carpets. Even over time, it’s designed to withstand the suns exposure, which will have little effect on the pile.

Marine Tuft carpet is Australian owned and made, so you can rest assured that it is made to suit Australia’s harsh climate.

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Teak Black 113
Teak Cream 119
Teak Chamois Cream 169
Teak Suede Cream 179
Plank Chamois 260
Plank suede 270
Plank Graphite 230
Plank Navy 220
Plank Platinum 130
Teak Navy Cream 129